the Grove on Chestnut and Fillmore

trying to work a little looser in the sketching. It's fun, but it does make me more nervous if someone catches me. Because unlike drawing portraits, this is not about catching people at their best, is it? It's all about noticing things like "Hey, that guy looks like a less evil Dick Cheney!" Which you know, even with the "less evil" qualification, isn't really a compliment.

It's one of the best feelings in the world to hit your stride while sketching in a cafe. The first day this weekend was a bit rough, but today went great...I started off fairly loose, and just had a lot of fun.



This is a sculpture I did a few months ago. Water based clay. I thought I should photograph it because it's pretty fragile. In fact, the hand fell off about five minutes after I finished snapping the pictures.

I'd like to get a chance to do more detailing next time, finish up the face, fingers, toes, etc. I always seem to run out of time. It would probably help if I managed to do the solid six week sessions. Damn life always seem to get in the way of art.


cafe sketching

So I went out sketching again this weekend (last weekend I didn't do so great: very rusty) Today was pretty fun.
The guy on the far right had a combover, but it's hard to tell in the drawing. When I tried to hit a highlight there, it just looked like I was making his hair look shiny, so I took it out. I have trouble representing a "good" just always looks like I can't draw hair. If anyone can point me to people who have done this well, please let me know. :-p

There were some fantastic noses that walked through the cafe today (with bodies attached, of course)
Ok, so the following isn't strictly a sketching observation here, and I know I'm making snap judgements...sue me. But I first spotted the guy on the far right at the cafe counter and thought he had the air of someone who tells long, dull stories about himself with the idea that the listener would find them fascinating (I realize that I'm setting myself up for comments about my lack of irony in making this statement) Anyway, I was thinking this, perhaps prejudiced by the combination of balding and long hair (a fashion DON'T) or perhaps it was the long suede jacket (please see previous post about old guys and leather).

Then the guy sat next to me, and I overheard (okay, eavesdropped) on his conversation with his companion. No kidding, he started talking about irritable bowel syndrome and gastro-intestinal distress. Then he asked his companion if she were so inflicted. Answer: no. He seemed surprised, and even a bit disappointed by her answer.

I disliked him immediately. But fortunately, this will be unlikely to affect his life or mine.


"Hey, did you know I have a house in Marin?"

So I went out sketching in Union Square on Sunday. Grandpa Slick here thought he'd try and impress a girl that was likely in diapers when he was going through his 3rd divorce.

Just a note, after 45, a leather jacket looks like a desperate bid to cling to youth. The shine on the leather merely echoes the reflectivity of a growing forehead.

Let it go.


wonderCon 2007

I went to WonderCon in SF this weekend.
There is no point in trying to come up with your own characters when real life pretty much gives you everything you need.