Marathon Texting

While at the  Getty Villa in Malibu, one of my friends began chatting about how it was interesting to track communication throughout the ages, message by ship, message by horse, message by marathon runner

Which led to this...


When in Rome... Sketch postcards from vacation - part two

In addition to Budapest, I also had the chance to travel to Rome. 

I haven't been back to Rome since I was 21 years old, which was...a long time ago. I had forgotten a lot more about the experience than I thought possible, but the feeling I had upon seeing the city was the same.

Rome is just mindbogglingly stupendous. For an artist, this is really it; the beginning of Western art, Berninis and Michelangelos are just scattered throughout the city, like "hey, no big deal, priceless work of art/pigeon rest".  

I wrote a bit more about the general experience here

I don't recall managing to make much time for sketching back then either, which is a real shame, because almost every corner in Rome is eminently sketch-able. But there is really so much to do and see, so tough decisions must be made. In the end, I relied a lot more on my camera than sketchbook.

But I did manage to squeeze out a few drawings, mostly while my feet were recovering from all the walking.


Sketch postcards from vacation - part one

When I was younger, I did quite a bit of travelling on my own and rather liked it. You get into a completely different headspace that way, and no one ever has to wait for you patiently to finish a drawing.

I haven't travelled alone for awhile now, and I quite like that too. But it does mean that I sketch less than I used to. I suspect having a celphone has something to do with that as well. Now, instead of doing a quick doodle to pass time, I answer email, read Facebook, or surf the internet. It's a real shame.

I did manage to do this one quick sketch in Budapest, Hungary on a recent trip. Budapest is beautiful, and a real treat for anyone who loves old world architecture mixed with some beautiful and unusual patterns and tile-work that has more than a touch of Ottoman influence. 

This was on a hill on the Buda side of town called Fisherman's Bastion. The entire area was only developed around the late 1800's, but it was made to look a bit more medieval for deliberate atmosphere. Regardless, it's just lovely, and overlooks the Danube and you can sit along a covered patio and get yourself a drink. It's supposed to be expensive because of tourist prices, but since a drink in SF or LA can run you a good $12, with a view of a wall and other drunk patrons, the drink here is a postive bargain at around $10.



Character designs!

So over the past few months, I've done a few IP development projects with 10 Forward Productions.

Here's some of the characters for one of them! Super fun to do! I started playing with ArtRage again to do it, because I wanted to try a watercolor style. But then I had to change it to straightfoward color work, as these characters are meant to be animated traditionally.



I've been reading and watching Game of Thrones, just like every one else.

And I just love how in the book, that's all Hodor says as well. Sometimes he says it sadly, sometimes fearfully. it's the all purpose word.

Like "smurfy" for Smurfs.