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When I was a teen, I must have spent several years obsessed with Anne Shirley from the  "Anne of Green Gables" series. The internet has been hugely gratifying in demonstrating to me how I wasn't alone in this, then or now. 

It's been years since I've read the books, so I'm overdue for a re-read. She's such a fun, cheerful character; romantic and optimistic. Anne Shirley (later Blythe - it's not a spoiler if the books are over a hundred years old) had a love of books, fantastical stories with "scope for the imagination", whimsy and pretty clothes. She was a loyal, empathetic friend and despised bullies.  

I was rather sorry to discover that her author's life was considerably more dismal, an unhappy marriage and struggles with depression.

That's the downside of the internet; you can find out about these things.



When I was a kid, there was always a Thanksgiving pageant where the class dressed up as "Pilgrims and Indians".

The Pilgrim costumes were made out of construction paper and the Indian costumes were made out of old, brown, paper bags.*

I never, ever, got to be a Pilgrim.

I'm assuming the kids now dress up as "Pilgrims and Native Americans" but  Googling "brown paper bag Native American costume" shows that the fine craft of paper bag tailoring continues to be practiced today!

Growing up, we always had a kitchen drawer devoted to used bags, ready for all kinds of couture needs. However, I wonder if now paper bags are in shorter supply because many people use reusable bags?

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

*Even in our imagined past, we shafted the Indians (”We"re taking your land and giving you smallpox! Enjoy!")


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