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Sketch postcards from vacation - part one

When I was younger, I did quite a bit of travelling on my own and rather liked it. You get into a completely different headspace that way, and no one ever has to wait for you patiently to finish a drawing.

I haven't travelled alone for awhile now, and I quite like that too. But it does mean that I sketch less than I used to. I suspect having a celphone has something to do with that as well. Now, instead of doing a quick doodle to pass time, I answer email, read Facebook, or surf the internet. It's a real shame.

I did manage to do this one quick sketch in Budapest, Hungary on a recent trip. Budapest is beautiful, and a real treat for anyone who loves old world architecture mixed with some beautiful and unusual patterns and tile-work that has more than a touch of Ottoman influence. 

This was on a hill on the Buda side of town called Fisherman's Bastion. The entire area was only developed around the late 1800's, but it was made to look a bit more medieval for deliberate atmosphere. Regardless, it's just lovely, and overlooks the Danube and you can sit along a covered patio and get yourself a drink. It's supposed to be expensive because of tourist prices, but since a drink in SF or LA can run you a good $12, with a view of a wall and other drunk patrons, the drink here is a postive bargain at around $10.